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Microsoft Office Specialist Master Instructor and Microsoft Specialist Qualifications


  • Microsoft Master Instructor

  • Training Module Developer

  • Project Consultant

  • Database Designer


The requirements for Master Instructor Certification correspond to skills necessary to deliver instruction to end-users of Microsoft Office products in a productive and professional manner. Individuals who obtain Master Instructor Certification are Authorised to deliver instruction on Microsoft Office software products as a "Microsoft Office Specialist Master Instructor".

The "Master Instructor" certification is for individuals who are, or aspire to be, trainers within today's highly competitive and rapidly expanding teacher/trainer marketplace of Microsoft® Office applications.


As a "Master Instructor" you have demonstrated your hands-on ability and skills within Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint® and Microsoft Outlook, authorising you to provide training to individuals seeking the "Proficient Expert and Master" level(s) of Microsoft Office Specialist Certification.



  • MOUS (Microsoft Office User Specialist) Trainer

  • Performance Bonus Consultant

  • Training Module Developer

  • Database Designer

The Microsoft Office Specialist (Office Specialist) certification is the globally recognized standard for validating expertise with the Microsoft Office suite of business productivity programs. Learn more about the benefits Office Specialist provides to individuals, businesses, academic institutions, staffing agencies, information technology (IT) training centers, and government organizations.

Earning Office Specialist certification acknowledges you have the expertise to work with Microsoft Office programs. Office Specialist-certified individuals report increased competence and productivity with Microsoft Office programs as well as increased credibility with their employers, co-workers, and clients. Office Specialist certification sets you apart in today's competitive job market, bringing employment opportunities, greater earning potential and career advancement, in addition to increased job satisfaction.

About the Master Instructor Program

Microsoft is, amongst other things, a leading publisher, distributor, and licensor of software products, including desktop applications which run on the Microsoft Windows® operating system.

Due to the fact that some end-users may benefit from instruction and Certification on the features contained in these desktop applications, Microsoft has implemented the Microsoft Office Specialist Program. To prepare instructors to deliver such instruction to end-users of Microsoft Office products, Microsoft has developed the Microsoft Office Specialist Master Instructor Program.



  • Basic Concepts - covers vocabulary, applications and use of computers, IT and society and other general issues.

  • Using the computer and managing files deals mostly with the use of the operating system. The test is a practical one.

  • Word Processing - this module requires all the usual skills, plus doing such advanced tasks as mail-merge and integration with spreadsheets and graphics. The test is a practical one.

  • Spreadsheets - this requires a thorough familiarity with spreadsheet use. The test is a practical one.

  • Databases - again the test is practical.

  • Presentation Tools - again a practical test.

  • Information and Communication - the use of electronic mail and information retrieval. The automated test is a multiple choice test, followed by a practical one.



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